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School Health

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Recalltree Learning Private Limited provides health program for school children, professional managed under guidance of eminent medical expert, sociologist, educationist, psychologist, nutritional specialist and others who have vision of promoting healthcare of children:

  • To prevent, detect, address and resolve health problems, increase educational achievement and enhance the quality of life of school-aged children and youth.
  • To implement cost effective and efficient health care delivery system for school going children of India and other developing nations.
  • To provide a platform for research in the field of school health.
  • To ensure follow-up arrangement along with providing services of specialist.
  • To make school authorities and parents aware of the health status of their children.
  • To provide sustainable living to under privileges woman.
  •  Programs:
    • School Health Check-ups project
    • Rural Girls school Health Project
    • Health Checkups for special Children
    • Health Check-ups of slum children and their families
    • School AIDS education Program
    • Psychological Councelling
    • Nutritional Councelling
    • Adolescent Girls Health & Hygiene
    • First Aid training program

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