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Infrastructure & Management Services

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Our focus is to build/develop/re-model the education infrastructure for improved teaching learning through initiatives in school infrastructure & management, digital infrastructure, academic infrastructure and vocational infrastructure. A blend of technology infrastructure, teaching learning resources and relevant capacity building initiatives supplemented by Project Management & Monitoring and Evaluation. It is a scalable and sustainable model focusing on access, equity and quality of education for improving Education indicators through holistic quality improvement of schools. The focus is to develop these Schools as model schools, which would be equipped with resources, capacity creation and community linkages so that they can demonstrate outcomes which are a direct output of the school related activities and other outcomes which are linked to the community and indirectly influence education indicators.

The objectives of the programme are as under:

  • To enable access to quality education through provision of teaching learning tools
  • To enhance the learning environment
  • To impart digital literacy to students
  • To create capacities among stakeholders for sustainability
  • To improve educational outcomes
  • Improvement in Educational indicators like Enrolment, Drop-out rates
  • Improvement in learning outcomes

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