#0x2525 CSR Project – Recalltree Learning Pvt. Ltd.

CSR Project


Recalltree Learning Private Limited offers Education and Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills Solutions which are specifically targeted at under-served children and youth. In partnership with PSUs and Private Organizations whose CSR mandate includes education and skilling, we create custom offerings that mobilize students, train them in the areas which have been mutually agreed on and then place them in private sectors. The advantage of this to corporates is that they do not need to focus on the non-core area of sourcing and training.

The services offered by Recalltree Learning Private Limited are as follows:

  • Setting up captive Skill Training Centers in locations of interest to the corporate, typically urban slums and villages
  • Sponsorship of students including specific profiles such as SC/ST, Girls, BPL, People with Special Needs, etc.
  • Setting up of Award winning Hole-in-the-wall learning stations to bridge the digital divide.