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About Us

About Recalltree Learning Private Limited

We work in the key areas of global Language Training,  Skills Development, School Health Program , Out Sourcing  and Infrastructure Management for long term and sustainable impact. We aim to bring about an inclusive change in the previously untapped regions in the semi-urban and rural areas of the country. Our presence in each of the education verticals is marked with technology-enabled products, high quality people, structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver unmatched value.

If education is all about intellectual and mental evolution, then Recalltree Learning Private Limited is about raising the pace and scale of that evolution and achieving new echelons of success. The making of Recalltree Learning & Services Private Limited is a story of building equity across the education value chain; of being the change that is needed in the world of education, to ignite the fire of learning and the desire to teach, impacting entire communities, and changing lives of millions of students and teachers and showing…..What Learning Can Be !